Online Tutoring as a Career

The most and the important attribute needed for a prospective online tutor is the passion for teaching. Though language fluency is a must in this field, the slang or accent won’t be a big barrier for beginners, if you can communicate well. One has to be patient and need to respect and understand the culture of the students as they are mostly from a different country. Learning methods and syllabuses may be dissimilar in different countries. While teaching online students from different parts of the world, one has to follow their syllabus and structure. So the tutor may have to get updated and restructured in their subject. Tutoring is a serious activity and requires commitment.

Do you have a flair for teaching and is looking for a career different from traditional classroom teaching? Are you among those highly qualified people, especially women, who have been forced to quit the job after marriage or having a baby? Then here is an excellent career opportunity for you. Online tutoring alias online teaching or e-tutoring, is a career that enables one to work from home or from any online tutoring centers/ companies.

Online tutoring is a system where the students learn through a virtual classroom. The teacher and the student share an interface where both of them are online at the same time. They make use of facilities like audio and video conferencing with the help of an interactive computer attachable white board. In this system, tutor can demonstrate with the help of images, files and diagrams. Just like a normal classroom they do text chat, and speak to each other with the help of a headset and microphone. Students can ask any queries just like in a usual classroom. Classes mainly in demand for online tutoring are in subjects such as Mathematics, physics, chemistry, computers, English, Hindi, German and other foreign languages. So there are opportunities for teachers from different disciplines. Other than the regular curriculum topics, there are requirements for guidance in various competitive and entrance exams as well.

Online tutoring or E-tutoring is a new age learning method. It is a promising career with a great future and is being touted as the next big thing in the domain of learning.¬†Online tutoring is a career especially for those people who consider no service better than teaching and no life better than being with family. There is a wrong notion that online tutoring is a women’s field. But many talented men have successfully taken up this career as their profession.

The basic advantage of online tutoring is that the tutor can teach the student from any where, even from the confines of their home. They can take care of their family; do their household work and at the same time get to their students at a pre-fixed time. The best thing about this job is that it can be done part time or full time based on the time available. Moreover it provides a good source of income.

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